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June Comments
Maybe we can have some video of yesterday top 3 falls [niesoccer]

A good warm-up is crucial to get our bodies ready for soccer, and reduces injury. How about we learn to warm-up from the best of England? [carrot]

Football FreeStyle


indoor courts are high risk grounds!
handball courts is the best but not when the ball goes down the hill lah. *faint* [darkstalker]

That's true, one even go to ER recently [niesoccer]

hahaha we will go back to handball court after June .. [Teresa_Awaken]

where's the deep heat????

should we start wearing shin guards? i still have mine from my secondary days ^_^ [darkstalker]

Bought, later bring … [Teresa_Awaken]

my fellow warriors of the court, my sorry that i haven't been out there battling with you… (very serious tone)
ankle healing very fast already. next week should be able to play liao! woohoo!!!!!!!!! [darkstalker]

Finally got my court shoes.. yday just cut toe nails.. today ready to ram all the way! [waterboi]

Come, i let my shoes awaken and meet u waterboi … :) [Teresa_Awaken]

guys. can the banner be an image? hehe
i can help with that. create one stylo milo banner. ^_^ [darkstalker]

wow! cool! luckily we have pple who are good with graphics here.. haha… n btw… can teresa awaken earlier? i am falling asleep here… [waterboi]

Yesy. Can create a new custom theme. Pass to either me or Teresa the graphics and we will give it a try. [niesoccer]

any dimension restrictions for the banner? [darkstalker]

Mazzy injured on 11 June. Left thigh muscle pull/tear/chopped/strain….. Hope to heal by Monday:( [mazzzyStar]

Not sure able the dimension, but we can give it a try, just send it to us. [niesoccer]

I injured too. few of my leg hair dropped out! [WIE}

Safety most important, play fun but dun forget safety! [WIE]

Yday i also kena a whack on my injured shin. exact same spot.. blue-black just grown bigger. [waterboi]

Hello everyone! Just back from ICT. New website! Cool! Many injuries! Not cool. Take care everyone! [carrot]

Hey me not playing tmr. Rest for 1 wk or more. C how. Hv fun u all. Cannot take it. Left thigh muscle strain up to hips. Cannot tahan, need to rest or may not play again (NO WAY)! Ice pack, ice pack and more ice packs! [mazzzyStar]

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